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Sunday, 26 February 2017

Returning to Study

Last week I enrolled in the Diploma of Professional Writing and Editing at VU.  Those of you who have been following my writing journey, since THAT health issue gave me the opportunity to quit the day job and launch myself into the life of a full time writer, will know I have been writing and engaging in all sorts of writing challenges, attending conferences and sending little bits and pieces out to ezines, anthologies and competitions. I started the PWE a long time ago but life tends to get experiential in my neck of the woods and my studies have oft been put to one side for other commitments. My writing has frequently been interrupted with such earth shattering needs as 'What's for dinner?' or 'Where are my glasses?' and frequently 'Can you drive me to...'

"No more!" I cried and ran to VU, keen to enroll.

"I am going to write full time if it means you all starve to death in my stead" I yelled at the Offspring (mine not the band).

"What have I done?" I gulped repeatedly as the mountain of course material grew and grew.

"At least I will get fit even if it kills me." I gasped and didn't actually speak as I pulled myself up the third level of stairs to the classroom, sucked in some Ventolin(TM) and stubbornly refused to use the lift.

My calendar has everything loaded and I have read some of the required reading.  I discovered I already have most of the  required texts after I rearranged my bedroom shelves so I am off the starter blocks and ready to go.

So what else have I been doing apart from attending classes and sorting my folder? 

It is day 11 of Christie Wilde's #14daysoflitlove  and I am going strong with the fun word prompts.

It was week four of the OWL I enrolled in and I met the deadlines of that too.

I have my questions ready for my ESL discussion group tomorrow night at 11pm.

I am creating art for the cover of The Moorabool Writers Craft anthology.  (We meet on the first Sunday not the third - the banner will change)

I completed some art for advertising the Moorabool Shire Literary festival coming up in May. I am also on the committee and attended a meeting and read a metaphorical, as opposed to metric, tonne of emails about it. The inaugural Peter Carey short story award will be happening there so check it out.

 Have I mentioned I also have a 2 and half year old and three adults living with me? I managed to pull the shower to pieces today and replace all the rubber grommets, did two loads of washing, chatted with visitors, made phone calls, tracked down an elusive text, washed dishes and bathed the littlest. I have watched a movie, listened to some music and read a few books so it appears I have been relaxing at some point until I tell you it was Emma the girl with the yellow bow, Emma and her cohorts doing that wiggling thing, The Wonky Donky and at least one Mem Fox

I announced that I was diminishing my procrastination on social media. The irony being that I am studying a subject which directly relates to writing for social and other contemporary media.

I am very excited though and expect to have several of my novels to second draft during this course.

It is now 2am and I suspect I should get a little sleep before tiny person wakes up and demands some vegemite toast.

Cheer me on everyone.

Monday, 31 October 2016

NanoWriMo 2016

Yes I am doing it again.

I will put up a word count widget if I work it out properly and I am aiming for a solid 50k.

This is what the month should look like...

you get the idea. 360,000 people worldwide are attempting to write 50,000 words this month which equates to around 18000000000 words if we all drag ourselves across the finish line.

It is estimated that only Image result for 5%of us will make it to the finish line and only 5% of the winners will go on and edit their 50k and only 5% of those will actually send it off somewhere and of that number, only 5% will gain publication. This sounded intimidating when I first heard it but then I thought, hey I can be a 5% winner.

I wrote a LOT of words in my very first NanoWriMo in 2013 (104,000)and those words turned into two novels with characters I love and adventures twisted and convoluted and both novels have been pitched to editors at conferences and there has been interest shown so...

Apparently we all write total manure during the NanoWriMo month but as all gardeners will tell you, from good manure great things grow.

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