Wednesday, 29 March 2017

The last week of term

I have two weeks of solid hard work to do over the mid semester break, especially if I am going to come close to mastering the meta language of our language. Thank fully Mike is making it start to make sense. I hope he never reads my blog because the dangling and misplaced things he would find here are sure to give him nightmares. They will disappear as the year progresses I am sure.

It has been a sleep deprived week with a sick toddler and so much to do however I am managing and my brain is loving me.

I have to play around with the photo manipulation program on my computer and design a logo. I have an idea in mind and as soon as I work out how to do it, you will see it here on my blog.

So a short, short blog this week.

Have a wonderful week all.

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  1. well here I go fiddling around with the gizzards of my blog. I took out some things and replaced some things and rearranged other things. I am still not encouraging comments for some reason, perhaps I need to offer more clothing patterns. :) Yes I will offer more clothing patterns.


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